Bring your vision to life, with a bespoke, immersive, 3D 360 VR experience from iCreateVR. From your drawings, plans and sketches, we’ll create a photorealistic virtual environment that you can step into and look around – and we’ll deliver it to you, pre-loaded onto your complimentary Gear VR headset and Samsung phone, so you’re ready to go, right out of the box. Working with individuals and businesses around the world, iCreateVR is at the cutting edge of VR content creation, making new spaces and places seem real long before they actually exist.



We’ll turn your vision into an incredible VR experience, and give you a free Samsung phone and Gear VR headset to view it.



We deliver a bespoke service and a complete solution

Our 3D visualisation team is here to turn your vision into a compelling virtual reality experience. We usually anticipate close collaboration with your designer or architect, so we can ensure every detail of our 3D model matches the exact specification. By enabling you to see exactly what everything will look like in virtual reality, we’ll help you make important decisions about the design of your space, and refine your ideas. And if you’re new to virtual reality this is the perfect solution, as everything comes preloaded onto a brand new Samsung phone and VR headset. Our service is second to none, and the result is a fully lifelike VR experience that allows you to step into the future and see your vision made real.

Discover how VR could make your life easier and help turn your ideas into reality

3D Modelling

iCreateVR will turn your plans and blueprints for any space or place into an accurate, fully furnished, rendered 3D model that matches your precise specification.  You can also provide your own 3D models, if available.


Ours is a fully bespoke service, and we know it will be an iterative process.  You will be able to give feedback on previews of the 3D model, and also request updates later if your plans should change.

Samsung Gear VR

We’ll provide you with a new Samsung phone and the Gear VR headset – lightweight and comfortable for the best available VR experience.  Your VR scenes can be preloaded onto the phone, ready to go.

Digital Files

As well as the VR experience, we’ll supply a high resolution panoramic image and a CGI of the project.  We also include VR files for sharing on YouTube and Facebook.  If requested, we can supply the 3D model files (.3ds)

Who We Work With

Interior Designers

Get clients to sign-off faster by giving them the experience of standing in the finished space, with iCreate VR preloaded. They get a free Samsung phone and Gear VR headset, and you get a whole new way to present your designs. We’ll create detailed fully-furnished interiors to your exact specification. And if your client needs to make changes, it’s easy to order an update.


CGIs and flythroughs have revolutionised the presentation of new developments. 3D Virtual Reality is the next leap forwards, enabling your clients to step into new places and spaces before they’re built – at the design stage, and for marketing and sales. iCreate VR preloaded translates your complex CAD drawings into an immersive VR experience that works right out of the box.


When you can see it, you can believe it. See your plans brought to life in photorealistic virtual reality. iCreate VR can turn any idea into an immersive VR experience that you, your colleagues, your investors, your family and your friends can enjoy on the Samsung Gear VR platform. We include the phone and the headset in your package, preloaded with your bespoke VR content and ready to go.


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